Paleoclimatic Research Project in the Eifel Maar Region, Germany

Stölben GmbH developed an appropriate sampling technique for the paleoclimatic research project in the Eifel Maar region (Germany) for the University of Mainz (Prof. Sirroko).


The sampling technique bases on the wireline triple tube core drilling method. This method turned out to be the most appropriate one to obtain the best possible sample quality for the fine grained and laminated sediments of this region and for paleoclimatic research purposes.

In sampling by wireline core drilling a tripple tube corebarrel with a bit fitted to the lower end is rotated and fed into the sediment to be sampled by the drill rig via the wireline drill rods. This action produces a non moving and non rotating core sample within the inner tube of the corebarrel.

The borehole diameter ranges from 70 mm to 140 mm. Usually we use a diameter of 146 mm. When the core run is completed, the inner tube containing the core sample is withdrawn through the drill rods by means of a wireline cable and winch. The bit, out tube and drill rods remain in the borehole during this process.

By: F. Stoelben
23.02.2006 09:14



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